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Happy Birthday Steven

For regular TV viewers, one of the most gratifying things is that we’re at a time when a gay character’s story is no longer predominantly focused on their sexuality. The coming out story is still out there (and still necessary for those who have yet to step out of the[…]

Steven Krueger is mostly known as Josh in The Originals, you may have already seen him in the first season of Pretty Little Liars as Ben, Emily’s first boyfriend. He had the kindness to answer our questions. The show is supposed to happen in New Orleans. Did you have the[…]

There are teenagers who spend their time swooning over their latest crush, trying to juggle their homework with having a social life and, well, if you’re also a newbie vampire, let’s just say everything is just a tad more complicated. That’s the story with Josh Rosza on the CW hit[…]