Steven Krueger is mostly known as Josh in The Originals, you may have already seen him in the first season of Pretty Little Liars as Ben, Emily’s first boyfriend. He had the kindness to answer our questions.

The show is supposed to happen in New Orleans. Did you have the chance to visit? Would you have preferred to shoot there instead of Atlanta?

I haven’t been able to go to New Orleans for the show yet but I have been there. It’s a great city with an incredibly unique culture. But if I had to choose I’d stick with shooting in Atlanta. The weather is a little more manageable and I love how diverse the city is. It has great food, fun night life and all the sports you could ask for!

How long does the make up take to go from Steven to vampire Josh?

Believe it or not I’m usually in and out of the hair and make up trailer in about 10 minutes. I’m very low maintenance.

If Josh didn’t date Aiden, who would you see him with in the show, gay or not?

Wow, I don’t want to make anyone jealous! I think deep down Josh has probably always had a little crush on Marcel because he sees him as a mentor and admires him as a leader. Typical guy stuff to have a crush on your teacher growing up.

If Josh wasn’t gay, I could see his and Davina’s relationship turning romantic after a night of drinking on Bourbon Street. They just have so much in common and get along really well.

As your character is best friend with Davina, are you close to Danielle in real life?

Absolutely. Danielle and I have an incredible relationship. She was the first person I really connected with on set and she always made an effort to get to know me outside of work. Now we hang out all the time off set. She’s like my bad ass little sister!

We saw that “Goosebumps” is gonna be released soon. Were you a fan of the series as a kid?

YES! I’m pretty sure I had almost every book in the series growing up. And that’s a big reason I was so excited to be a part of the movie. I think the way they adapted the books into the screenplay is quite brilliant.

The cast and the director were incredible so the project couldn’t have been a better experience for my first major feature film. I have a feeling people are really going to love this movie.

How is playing in Pretty Little Liars and The Originals different?

Well my role in Pretty Little Liars was much shorter lived of course, but there are more similarities than differences. Both shows have a devout fan base which makes it really fun while also putting a lot of pressure on the actors and writers to keep the fans happy. I think the biggest difference is probably the characters that I played which I’ll explain in a minute.

How was it to play in Pretty Little Liars? Is it possible that you’ll come back as a guest?

PLL was a great experience because I was there right at the beginning of the series. To see all of the cast just starting out was very interesting. Despite the huge following the books had created, everyone was very anxious and felt a lot of pressure to make the TV show live up to the hype. Needless to say, they have done a wonderful job with it and all of those expectations have been exceeded. I think they are sticking pretty close to the plot of the books so I don’t know if Ben will show up again, but there’s always a chance!

How is it like to play a gay character on The Originals, while you played an almost homophobic guy on PLL?

I think Ben on Pretty Little Liars was a little misjudged. Granted we didn’t get a lot of character development for him but I never saw Ben as homophobic. To me he was a typical insecure high school boy who saw his girlfriend slipping away from him and he lashed out in a very immature way. Sure he was one of the first bullies on the show, but he also got what he deserved in the end.

As for playing Josh, I love that the story has never been about him being gay. His sexual orientation is just another character trait and his storyline isn’t defined by that. Our writers have done a phenomenal job developing Josh as a dynamic character interwoven in all the various plots that make The Originals so fun to watch.

When it comes down to it, Josh’s story is about survival and trying to build a life for himself in a very unfamiliar world. Being gay is certainly a part of who he is but the show doesn’t exploit that single characteristic. And that’s how storytelling should be…for all the characters involved.

What would your dream role be?

I think that changes by the week for me! I’m getting a bit of a reputation for being the sensitive, funny guy. Which is kind of who I am so I definitely relish that.

But at this stage in my career I think my dream role would be some sort of tough guy, preferably one that can fight because I’ve always dreamed of being able to train in martial arts for a role. I’m thinking someone like Jason Bourne or an MMA fighter like Tom Hardy in the film “Warrior”.

Have you ever been to France?

I have and it’s one of my favorite countries. And that’s not just pandering to a French publication! Paris is my favorite city in the world to eat in. I’ve also spent some time in the south of France and there aren’t many places on Earth that are so beautiful.

I haven’t visited in about 8 years so I’m hoping I’ll have the opportunity to do a Vampire Diaries/Originals convention there soon.

Any upcoming project?

Goosebumps will be out in October, we start Season 3 of The Originals in late July and I’ll be shooting an indie film over the summer as well. I don’t like down time. I get bored very quickly!

Any last word for your fans?

I owe my fans everything! Josh wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for them. I honestly didn’t know how the audience would react to Josh’s character because he’s so different than everyone else on the show. But I have been overwhelmed by the positive response to this character. It makes me love going to work and I think the fans will really enjoy where Josh’s story goes from here.

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